She Lost 50 Pounds in Just 6 Weeks Only By Doing This Every Night Before Going to Bed

In today’s article, we are going to discuss about a diet that has become very popular recently, and it has also taken the world by storm.

The diet is called the Flat Belly Overnight eating diet and it is especially praised by those ladies who don’t have time for a strict eating routine and compelling activity.

It is basically a weight loss formula which will help you overnight, while you are resting.

The diet is created by a famous trainer called Andrew Raposo, who has been using this method of himself for a long period, but he didn’t even expect that it can be used by other people.

-Lost pounds

The things have changed when his sister decided to try this diet and she managed to get rid of the extra pounds using the same method that he used before.

His sister had a problem with excess weight for many years. She dried a lot of diets and also did exercising, but none of that seemed to give her the wanted results.

She thought that the physical activity and proper diet are the only way for losing weight. In some women, that can actually be helpful. But, on her health, it had very negative effects. She felt tired all the time and she started suffering from insomnia.

In order to lose fat, she did everything she could, and one of the most difficult areas to do that was the belly fat. It can be a real challenge.

Belly fat caused her to develop diabetes type 2. Obesity can also cause dangers of stroke, heart disease, cancer,
as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

Those women that are over the age of 40 find it more difficult to melt that belly fat, as their hormones are changing. These hormonal changes make the person more likely to gain extra weight, by slowing down the metabolism.

Because of this, women become more desperate to lose the fat, so they start dieting with little known facts about which effect that diet program can have on them.

Some nutritionists and doctors claim that regular exercising, along with consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as reducing the intake of calories, will give us a healthy life and also help us in losing weight.

-Consume more fruits and vegetables

Nowadays, the fruits are frequently treated with pesticides and toxic chemicals as well, so they can actually do us more harm than good.

Fruits can actually affect our ability to lose weight.

By consuming more fruits and vegetables, the levels of lepton and cortisone are increased, and we also reduce the fat burning hormones which lead to fewer chances of losing weight.

With aging, our body loses the energy sources, and it also slows down the metabolism when we start reducing calorie intake.

This is what actually makes us harder of losing belly fat.

The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), for example, is likely to increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and stroke.

Flat Belly Overnight is actually a way different than any other weight loss program, as it includes guides on how to minimize those negative effects.

Amy Raposo, Andrew’s sister, had a stroke and diabetes type 2. Then, her brother advised her to try his trick, but with several changes and modifications, according to her needs.

In the first 24 hours, Amy managed to lose 8 pounds. As she is not a professional athlete, Andrew thought that the changes they made will affect the good results of the trick. She included three minutes of exercise every day, as well as diet changes and she also started using some spices and herbs.

She also consumed a lot of foods which speed up the metabolism, and with that, she stimulated the process of calorie burning. The herbs also helped her in the process of reducing toxins and free radicals.

Amy managed to normalize her sugar and blood pressure levels, only after a short period of time. These amazing results inspired Andrew to share his regimen with the other people, in order to help them feel better and healthier.


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