Did You Know Your Energy Drinks Contain BULL URINE & SEMEN

A company named Longhorn Cattle created a real disturbance when they submitted their findings of their study about the component of energy drinks.

Based on tests conducted on few energy drinks brand they found out that energy drinks are comprised of a condiment derived from bull semen and urine. All of the tested energy drinks had Taurine in them which is extracted from bull urine and semen.

Taurine is a major component in all of the energy drinks on the market including Monster and Red Bull.
There is also a video in which a former employee of a major energy drink brand exposes how the Taurine is extracted from the bulls and how it is processed for use in the energy drinks.

There has been a lot of health risk already discovered and linked with energy drinks such as heart attack and stroke, but this discovery that the energy drinks are made from bull semen and urine makes them even more harmful.


Source: http://www.healthyfoodstar.com

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