This Kid Beat Cancer! Check Out His Reaction When He Heard The Great News! (VIDEO)

Ben Morris is a 7 year old kid from Bartlesville, Oklahoma who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia back in 2013. Earlier this month after 1,167 days of treatment, The Morris family finally got the news they had been waiting for: the results came back negative and Ben was officially cancer-free.

His mother, Casi Morris who got the results from the doctor as she was pulling in the driveway of their home decided to record Ben and hi brother’s reaction to the great news she had for them.
“Ben! You beat cancer,” she said in the video, and the boys could barely contain themselves when they heard the chemo was coming to an end.

Ben first question after being told that he is cancer free was “Can I still go to camp?”
This amazing and uplifting video was posted on Facebook and Youtube by Casi Morris and it became viral very quickly.
You can check Ben’s adorable reaction to the great news in the video below.


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