This Is How IPads and Smartphones Affect Your 2-year-old Children

One of the subjects much debated lately is smart phones and children, especially for the effects which are produced in the health and socialization of the smallest of the house.

Those who warn about the dangers of technology and children think that they cause health damage and argue through important conditions like tumors and cancer.

Until now, the indiscriminate use of electronic devices such as” smart phones” and ” Ipads “ has benefited the sedentary lifestyle, which is also the main reason for obesity all around the world, whose rates seem to be increasing, especially in the population Children and youth. In general, the criticisms are directed to the little socialization that the excess use that these apparatuses generate, since, the preferences by the telephones in some children seem to increase more than in others.

What are the effects of technology on children?

– Babies need movement

Regardless to some research, which has been around lately about the effects of such smart phones on children under 2 years of age (and older), one thing which is important to note is that all children need to explore the environment for their development, like crawling, walking, climbing, jumping, dancing, running and so on, and all this is not possible nor can be achieved by sitting in an armchair, or lying in bed or in arms.

At the same time, when children are in movement, it allows them cerebral development, whose process begins from the maternal womb and lasts until the 4-5 years after the birth, reason why, during that period the cerebral structures continue to develop as well as the synapses (junctions of neurons). From that experience, their organism needs generating answers to the demands of the environment, so you should allow your children to know your body, as well as to learn to control it through this experience, even if it involves some disorder and noise in your home.

– They need to experiment with their senses

Neurodevelopment is also implicit in the nervous system in order to process the information which enters in the 5 senses, and can have the ability to learn, as well as it is also vital for them to assimilate the vestibular and proprioceptive stimuli, like: balance and movement and sensation from the body, respectively. All this can be possible by playing, discovering some new textures and temperatures, using some musical instruments, going to the park, swimming, singing, as well as getting dirty.

– They need to develop their communication

Communicating is not something like seeing images in electronic devices, but efficient communication is based on being able to make known to the other what really wants to communicate as well as having the ability to understand what the rest exposes us. Having vocabulary is one important thing, but it does not represent any communication.

Children learn to communicate with smart phones by interacting with people, but not with electronic devices, such as listening to their parents, playing with siblings and cousins, solving some problems, singing, listening to stories, and so on, and all those activities in general involve the exchange of ideas. These are social skills.

– Developing basic notions

Learning some basic notions is only possible through experiences, as well as spatial notions such as up, down, far, ahead, behind, inside, outside, or temporary such as before, after, first, slow, during.
Here, in this point also lie the concepts of weight, similarities and distances, because the exciting games on the electronic devices address these concepts, however, do not let the child learn where it is up or which toy is heavier than another.

In technology and children, not everything is so bad!

Smart phones, as well as Ipads cannot cause some extreme damage or irreversible to your children as long as they do not replace the other experiences. For example, you should not spend time in excess to teach games in these devices, rather you should spend time in some outdoor activities. And if it is possible with your toys, this way you will contribute in the development of your intelligence.

They run, they laugh, they fall, they mess up, they dance and they fight with their siblings or cousins, and that is a sign of children who develop healthily, while those with electronic devices cannot do all this, so you should try to select some educational games, so they will learn and have fun at the same time.


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