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Immediately STOP Eating This Every Day!!!! Toxic In Them Can Kill You


What can be very harmful and even life – threatening for you is carelessly prepared food. In order to avoid food poisoning, you should prepare the food properly, as well as preserve it properly. But, there are also some foods that are naturally toxic.

Some specialties that have their toxic side:

1. Mushrooms – if you read this in your won, don’t forget that there are about 6% toxic mushrooms and their venom can be fatal.

2. Rhubarb – the green leaves contain oxalic acid. As a reason of this, you may get kidney stones, and by eating larger quantities of it, the results can be fatal.

3. Beans – contain large amounts of toxins lectins. Plant lectin acts as a kind of primitive protection system analogous to human antibodies. Vomiting and diarrhea can be caused by only three cooked beans.

4. Apples – their seeds contain cyanide, so if you eat apples in large quantities, you may get poisoning. That’s why you should discard seeds when eating apples.

5. Tomatoes –the leaf and the green part of this fruit contain a toxin named tomatin. It can be used in pest control. Those who should avoid eating tomatoes are people suffering from rheumatism.

6. Potatoes – green potatoes contain higher amounts of Glycoalkaloids poison. Deaths caused of it are rare, but there are some recorded.

7. Brazil nuts – foods with the highest doses of natural radioactivity (800 times the concentration of the radioactive than in any other food).

8. Cherries – their seeds contain cyanide, so when you swallow a few seeds, you can expect poisoning. There will also be increasing of the body temperature, and you will breathe hard. So, for preventing this, don’t forget to discard seeds when eating cherries.

9. Nutmeg – it is a known hallucinogen. It may lead to a psychosis which is associated with a sense of certain doom. Overdose of this food can violate your psychological state.

10. Pufferfish – it is a Japanese delicacy which can lead to paralysis and death. The chefs need from two to three years in order to learn to prepare it properly. So, be very careful of what you consume/eat.

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