The Hour Of Your Awakening Can Say Much About You! Let’s Find Out!

Not only what you see in your dreams can tell you much about your life, but also the time when you wake up. In this article, we are going to show you what the hour of your awakening says about your personality.

– 4 am or earlier

Most likely, you have a life full of stress; you hate your job and your boss as well. You probably have some problems with your personal life, and you are also worried about your future.

Well, it means that you have to do something about all that. If your problem is the job, you can change it. If you have some personal problems, you should talk with your partner and also consult a specialist, such as psychologist on the matter.

– 5 am

You are a person that is concerned about the punctuality and are afraid of being late, even when it makes the whole of your schedule go crazy. You are sleepy almost every day and you drink coffee all the time. You also do not remember the last time you had the ability to get p and live a day.

– 6 am

We can say you “Congratulations!” You are actually one very disciplined person. Even when you start working late, you like to start your morning early, in order to have the opportunity to do your favorite things, like some sports, reading or dreaming.

– 7 am

Those people who are very organized get up at 7 am. It is not important how much you need to get down to business you get up early to do the stuff that you should prepare for your busy day.

– 8 am

You belong to the category “I work from 9 till 6”. You have quite boring and monotonous life, as you constantly feel that the work is overwhelming. Quite possible, you don’t pay much of your attention to your social and personal life.

– 9 am

You are a person that also has 40 – hour work week, but you are actually an unorganized person. Every time before you get up, you must at least fall asleep again for a couple of times. We might suggest you complain you got tired of your hard work and dream about a vacation with friends and loved ones.

– 10 am

Most likely, you belong to the category which has creative personalities. First of all, you must work until two or maybe three in the morning and then you will get enough sleep until 10. This is not so harmful for your biological clock, because all the most wonderful ideas visit you at night.

– 11 am

Those people who work night shifts get up at 11 am. Because of this, there is nothing shameful or surprising here. It is completely another thing if you do not work but you spend the nights playing games or watching movies for example. If you do this, it is actually quite harmful for your health.

– 12 in the afternoon

It’s already noon approaching, but no one is moving at all. You were probably at the computer, reading books or maybe watching TV all night long. And so until 5 am. Let us guess: you also like eating junk greasy food and ice cream as well. Well, there is actually nothing good about it. You will have to do something about changing your lifestyle.


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