Every woman wants long and beautiful eyelashes. They make our eyes more seductive and lovely. But not everyone of us has been blessed with thick and long lashes.

A lot of factors affect their growth, and also a lot of factors can be the reason for thin lashes. Some of them are nutritional deficiency, eye infections and certain medical conditions, hormonal changes, age and even genetics.

We also have to blame ourselves sometimes, because we don’t take enough care for our eyes. We sleep with make up, we rub our eyes too rough and that’s why the lashes fall out.

In order to make our lashes beautiful, long and protect the from falling, we should take a proper care and make it our routine.

The remedies don’t work the same on everyone. It may take a week, a month or a lot more so they will show a results. That’s why you need to be patient and try different remedies. In the end your effort will pay off.

For that aim you can use some home remedies shown in the video below.


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