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Here’s How to Properly Take a Tick Out!


Ticks are usually found outside in nature in spring and summer and they can be very dangerous for our health and that is why people who spend more time outdoors should be extra careful and check their body for ticks every few hours.

The most typical spots on the body for ticks are the wet and soft body parts like underarms, stomach, the neck, behind the ear and children’s head. When the tick gets on the skin it looks for the point of entry (which can take hours), once they break the skin they start feeding on your blood which can lead to different types of infections and even Lyme disease and that’s why being cautious and reacting immediately is very important.

The best way to remove the tick is to visit the doctor immediately and have it removed by a professional, if you can do that you should take a pair of tweezers put them close to the tick’s heat and pull upwards and if the head stays in, remove it with sterile needle.

The most important thing you need to remember when removing tick is to not pour alcohol directly on the tick because it’s very strong and it can dissolve it and spread the disease in the bloodstream. Whatever method you use make sure to react within 24 hours.

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