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Health Benefits of Cabbage: She Put Cabbage Leaves on Her Knee At Night – See The Next Morning Result


There are number of studies that have established the fact that there are many health benefits of cabbage.

This vegetable has the ability to decrease the occurring of many health issues even heart disease and diabetes. The cabbage is also used for healing wounds, indigestion etc.
The cabbage leaves are frequently used to relive pain and reduce inflammation. According to a scientific study from the University of Missouri there is a rare flavonoid (apigenin) that is part of cabbage that has anti-inflammatory effects. In case of a mild pain you can use the following compress based on cabbage

1.Apply dry, clean (previously washed thoroughly) cabbage leaves on the painful area
2.Keep them on with adhesive plaster or bandage during the night
3.Replace the compress with a new one every day.

Some experts think that the red cabbage suits best for this remedy but it can be used any kind of cabbage leaves.
The big amount of polyphenol in cabbage affects the stabilization in the blood pressure. There are few tips to avoid heart disease regarding cabbage

1.Keep the cabbage as raw as possible to protect the nutrients in it
2.You can also use it as a replacement for lettuce in salads
3.Consume two tablespoons of cooked cabbage and one cup of cabbage juice daily

If you have digestion or stomach problems you can:

1.Eat raw cabbage in order to ease constipation
2.Taking cabbage juice extract in capsule to treat stomach ulcers
3.In case of diarrhea drink cabbage juice between meals

As claimed by the American Diabetes Association, cabbage can also stall the absorption of sugar in people who are likely to develop diabetes or people who already have diabetes type 2. The ability to absorb higher amounts of glucose in the body is due to the fact that the cabbage is rich with fiber. Having cabbage as a side dish three to four times a week, consuming cabbage juice on daily basis and eating boiled cabbage can help you avoid and control your diabetes.
Fresh Cabbage leaves are capable to absorb secretion from ingrown toenails and other sores. If you suffer from ingrown toenails or other sores you can tie a few cabbage leaves in the damaged area or use bandage to keep them together and let it stay overnight, keep replacing the leaves daily until you notice that the problem is gone.

All of this different uses of cabbage make it very beneficial vegetable that can be use on its own or combined with others ailments as a natural remedy.

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