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What Happens When You Shave Your Pubic Hair? Read This!


A lot of women in the world remove their pubic hair by shaving or waxing it, and they never ask themselves if it is safe or not. They just do it without thinking. Every woman that shaves her pubic hair must read this!

Some latest studies show that shaving your intimate zone could be very dangerous. One scientist has published in the “American Diary of Obstetrics and Gynecology” that the number of women that are going into marvel salons and spend their money for removing their intimate hair is huge, around 87% of them.

But the risk is bigger and you expose yourself to danger if you do the shaving on your own, in your home.

Every women knows for sure that the skin in the intimate zone is very sensitive and that it can be cut very easily. In the wake of shaving, a lot of women feel tingling. Another dangerous thing is that the area which is below the waist is an ideal place for growing bacteria and the reason for that is because it is full of sweet glands.

A huge risk for infection could exist, if there are some cuts on the skin. It could be very dangerous.