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This is What Happens When You Put Cut Up Onions in Your Socks While You Sleep


Chinese medicine suggest that the bottom of your feet are the most influential and direct access points to your internal organs. And the things that connect the two are known as meridians.

If you do not know much about Chinese medicine, you might be skeptic about the existence of these meridians at first. But if you do a small research on them you will see that they are pretty similar to the nervous system and they are pathways to all of your organs. That means that if you believe that there is a nervous system in your body, you will believe that here are meridians too, since they are correlated.

The bottom of your feet have around 7000 different nerve i.e. meridian endings which are directly connected to your organs. They are often not stimulated enough because we wear shoes and do not get acupuncture or walk barefoot to stimulate them. Thus we are not using all the energy they can produce, since they are powerful electrical circuits. To stimulate them you should often walk barefoot outside.

In that way you will also fill yourself with the negative ions which your body needs, from the ion field in the earth.

One of the simplest and best ways to open the meridians and to clean your internal organs, without practically doing anything, is to cut up onions and put them in your socks while you sleep.

How will that help? Onions are the best purifiers, and they are well known as air purifiers, so when you apply them topically on your skin you are killing all the germs and bacteria on your feet. The other thing is that the acid in onions, known as phosphoric acid (that is one of the substances that makes you cry when you cut them open) enters the bloodstream and purifies your blood, killing any germ and bacteria that might be waiting a good time to give you the flu.

An extra tip is never to eat the top layer from an onion that has been cut open, because that layer has collected a lot of bacteria from the air, and you don’t want to eat or use that part full of germs. Therefore, cut off the first layer before you use the rest.

And finally, here is what you should do to clean your blood and internal organs:

  1. Cut Up Onions into Slices

You should always use organic onions (you could use both white and red onions), since you do not want your foot to absorb pesticides and chemicals. The onions should be cut into thick slices and to cover the bottom of your feet completely. Put the slices on the bottom of your feet and then put some socks so that they can keep the onions in place.

  1. Put Them in Your Socks and Sleep

This process, known as trans-dermal application, will do wonders during the night. It will clean your bloodstream, as it will clean the air in the room where you sleep.

You will benefit from breathing clean air as well. During the famous plague in England, people used to put sliced up onions to clean their rooms form infections and to be less susceptible to the plague.

If you do not like the onion smell, we suggest opening a window in the morning and spray some essential oil in the room. Also, wash your feet with warm water and mild soap.

Try it. You will feel how your feet and blood tingle from the moment you do it. Then let us know how it works for you in the comments below.


source: healthywildandfree.com