Sometimes, there are big and heavy babies born. Then we grin, saying: “Athlete!” and we also praising their mothers who are usually slim and small, as well as exhausted, for carrying such a sturdy child to term.

Today’s story seems to be one of a kind, as the weight of this newborn seems to stand out of all extreme mass measurements, and the story of his birth is also worth of a certain story.

One day, the Australian Perth’s King Edward Memorial Hospital got an urgent call. One pregnant unwed woman, with a weight of 272 kg was delivered to the hospital by an emergency ambulance. Her family was simply not able to do that with a normal car.


Because of the fact that the future mother hadn’t made follow-up visits to the doctors, it has been decided to provide a Caesarean section, in order to avoid further complications. When the doctors looked at the belly size of the expectant mother, they waited for twins or even triplets, but the actual result was really amazing.


One of the doctors who performed the procedure said:

“I’ve dealt with obese women before, but this childbirth will stay printed in my mind forever. I actually believedthat there were two or even three infants. Well, it was simply the only one big and strong guy. It’s evident that he’ll make a brilliant career in rugby”.



The weight of the jumbo baby was 18,1kg. Despite his unusual weight, the doctors claim that he is totally healthy. The Australian governance also stated that the baby can even pretend on a record Guinness World Records, as he passed the record from 1839. At that time, the biggest registered newborn in the world was a child of weight 17,2kg. He was born in South Africa, in the tribe of Zulu and grew up to 320 kg, with height of 2,28m.


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