Home Beauty Get Rid of Pores on Nose (4 recipes included)

Get Rid of Pores on Nose (4 recipes included)


Instead of buying some expensive cleansing pore strips you can make some at home instead. You do not need much. You can make it with just two ingredients and two helping tool, which are not obligatory.

The ingredients are 1 tablespoon of MILK and 1 tablespoon of GELATIN. You will also need a small microwaveable dish and one bigger makeup brush.


First, pour the milk and gelatin in the dish and mix the ingredients well.

Second, put the dish in the microwave until you have a thick liquid. That usually takes about 10 seconds.

Third, wait for the mix to cool off a bit. Make sure it is not too hot, you do not want to burn your skin. Then take the brush and brush the mixture on your nose.

Leave it to dry off completely (about 10 minutes) and then peel it off.


Another way is to use BACKING SODA and WATER. You should make a paste out of these two ingredients and gently scrub it on your nose. Nevertheless, this method will be far more effective if you steam you face before applying the paste on your nose. You can steam it with washing it with hot water, or just keep your face over boiling water. That will open the pores and the paste will work better.Baking728x480

The third way is applying some LEMON JUICE. The citric acid that the lemon contains will exfoliate your pores.44d675040110ac9fe6661ace8b27876a

You can also massage MILK into your skin before you go to bed and cover it with a layer of VASELINE. You should leave the milk do work overnight and then squeeze the blackheads in the morning.

Pouring milk splash

No matter which recipe you choose, do not forget to wash your face with cold water after the process to stop the blackheads spreading and to minimize the pores and redness. Extra tip: the colder the water the better.