Nicola King is a girl who suffered from severe and life threatening anorexia from the age of 16 to when she was 22. She started working out excessively and she began restricting food until she was barely eating anything at all.

At her most unwell, she had only 25kg, and she also refused to eat for six weeks, or even drink any water. Her hair also fell out and she was in immense pain. Her parents were twice told to say goodbye to her, as her body was actually shutting down.

At the beginning of 2012, Nicola was hospitalized and sedated, and had to be tube fed. She did not initially take the treatment, and she was trying to remove her feeding tubes regularly.

She explains:

“The illness was so strong that they were trying to tube feed me and I had wires in but I kept ripping them all out. I wanted to die and I felt physically dead.”

She spent 18 months total on various treatment plans, at the Priory Hospital in Southampton.

After she recovered, she got involved in bodybuilding in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. She is now a healthy girl weighing 56kg and she also competes in bodybuilding competitions in the UK. She can deadlift up to 40kg, nearly double what she used to weigh.

She says:

“Going to the gym has given me focus and something I can get up for in the morning.It is my therapy and escape and it’s a liberating feeling to push your body to the extreme but in a positive and healthy way.

It has been a very long road since then but for the first time, I am proud of myself.I never thought I would get to this point. I didn’t even think I would still be here. It’s surreal to have come this far – it’s overwhelming.I still struggle because as much as I have overcome the illness, it never goes away completely, but I feel like I have beaten it. It is no longer strong enough to take over.”

Last weekend, this 24 – year – old girl was crowned champion in the best body transformation category at Pure Elite’s UK championships.


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