During Flight, A Man Spots Strange Object Sticking Through Clouds, Takes Photo And Is Amazed At What It Was

When you are travelling in a plane at several thousand feet above the ground, sometimes you may have noticed some strange things that cannot be visible from the ground.

Usually, people tend to make their own speculations about some distant object, but what they actually see at times is not actually what it is.

One such incident has actually happened with a flyer who observed one unidentified object while he was travelling. Here, in today’s article, we are going to give you the complete details about that.

– The man got confused

The man mentioned that he was travelling in the flight from Spain to England. He used to love to observe outside things from the plane window and watch the beauty of the nature that is simply spectacular.

Suddenly, the man noticed an object which confused him about its identity.

– He went on to take some other options

The object that he saw looked much suspicious to him, so he decided to take a picture of the same.
Since the man was not sure about what the object actually was, he decided to take the opinion of someone else before he reached out to any conclusion.

– That was a mysterious pole

The man, after his journey got over logged onto the social media platform and he also posted the pictures of the mysterious pole, inviting some other internet users to explain what it is if they lived in the same area.

In order to take the matters worse, the man even mentioned that he was travelling over the sea, so there should not actually be anything in the wet land.

– Internet users have their own opinions

Some of the people who saw the post made some jokes, claiming that it can be some UFO, while others believed that it could be a beacon from an oil rig.

They were also talking like crazy and one of the users has even quoted seeing the same thing on his journey around Bristol.

– The mysterious object got identity

The post has completed its purpose when the exact identity of it has been revealed by one person. The man mentioned that the thin line was actually a part of 961-foot tall mast from the nearby Mendip Transmitting Station on the summit of Pen Hill in Somerset.

The mast is actually one of the tallest structures which is used for broadcasting digital television, as well as radio in South West England.

If you have ever come across any such object during your journey, you can share your experience in the comment section below.

Source: http://fewunknownfacts.com

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