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When They Find This Woman, She Has Been Dead For A Long Time. But What The Men See Underneath Her Causes Them To Dissolve Into Tears.


When one person is facing the death, the adrenaline of that person is on such high levels, so it looks like it has some superhuman powers. There are a lot of cases where some accident victims somehow managed to get to the hospital without the help of anyone, and it is unbelievable how they were able to find that kind of straight.

But, there is nothing which can be compared with the will of a mother to survive when her child’s life is in danger. And, today we are going to tell you a story which is exactly about that.

There was an earthquake in Asia and the rescue groups were searching for survivors. There they saw a woman that was buried in rubble of one house and she seemed like she was hugging something in her arms. Than the rescuers realized that she had been dead for some time, so they started searching for other survivors again. But the leader of the rescue group could not stop thinking about the woman.

That’s why he decided to return to that place where the woman was and to take a closer look to her. He cleared the area around her and then he found a cloth bag in her arms. There was a little boy in the cloth bag, so he called the doctors to examine the child right after finding him. But there was also something else in the bag. It was a telephone that had one message on the display saying: “In case you survive, always remember that I love you.’’

This story shows us how much one mother can love her children. She is prepared to even give up her life in order her child to survive.

This is one true story that has touched the hearts of millions of people in the whole world.

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