Find Out What The Shape Of Your Fingers Is Saying About You

You may not know, but your fingers – their shape and length, say much about your character.

If you want to find out what kind of person you are, you just need to look into your fingers or at least one of them and determine which of these three forms correspond to the ones that you have on your hands.

We hope that this analysis will help you in guessing what kind of person you are. So, here they are:

1. Finger type A

– You are a person who most of the time hides his/her feelings and is also melancholic. You pretend to be stronger that you are actually, and more independent as well.

– Even though you are an emotional person, you don’t show your feelings instead you hide them as much as you can. You also pretend to be strong and cool.

– You are also very emotional with the people you love, and you are very cold towards people you are not close with.

– As we already mentioned, you are very emotional.

– You also hate hypocrisy, deceit and people who lie.

– You are little eccentric and arrogant and you cannot tolerate many things.

– You are a big-hearted person and you often give help to everyone. You will always end up any task which is given to you, even if you don’t like it.

– You love smiling, so you often smile to things that are not even quite funny.

2. Finger type B

– Because of the fact that you are extremely loyal person, you dedicate yourself completely to the person you love and you always think of that person.

– You are very sensitive person but you do not show that very often.

– When you want or you need to talk to people, in most of the cases you are not the one who takes initiative.

– Once you accept any kind of job or a task, you will tend to push it through.

– When you are alone, you are pretending to be fine, but the truth is that you are actually not. The reason why you do that is because you are afraid of being hurt.

– Even though you are a person that has a very soft heart, and you can easily be hurt, you never show that and you always look like a strong and independent person who always speaks quite strongly.

– Fantasizing is another thing you are known about. You always imagine someone who will understand you, love you, as well as give you everything that you want.

– Even when you feel uneasy about someone’s behavior, you will still remain calm.

3. Finger type C

– You respect the opinion of other people.

– You love when other people trust you and also depend from you.

– You are not the kind of person who holds a gurgle, you simply do not want to let go of things which make you angry.

– You are also a sensitive person who does not want any challenges. You don’t want doing anything that is unknown to you.

– You can also be easily hurt, as you have a very soft heart. So, whenever someone apologizes to you, you always forgive because you cannot bear to have some disagreements with people.

– You also have an extremely high ego, but however, you are the first to apologize after fighting.

– Sometimes, that makes you unbearable.

– You also do not share your feelings or problems with other people, you just keep them for yourself and you deal with them on your own.


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