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It’s Finally Discovered What Causes Lung Cancer! You Won’t Believe It When You Read What This Is About!


The risk of developing lung cancer is bigger for people who live in urban areas, then for those who live in rural areas, as well as high hills and mountains.

The air we breathe is our most important factor for life, but it can also be one of the causes for lung cancer development. Another factors that can cause cancer are smoking, smog, as well as genetics.

The risk is higher if you are mine worker, because the air in lowlands contains more oxygen. According to some experts, it can be very dangerous, even though it gives many benefits.

Oxygen is also considered to be unusual. Our body uses it for digestion of food when we eat, and converts it into energy.

The metabolic process when the body releases dangerous and free radicals that may cause cancer is called oxidation.

Free radicals can be very dangerous because they are able to cause a disastrous chaos in our body. They can damage our DNA, mutate cells and of course, can cause cancer.

Oxidation occurs very naturally. But you may want to consider decreasing the risk of developing lung cancer. A place that is above the sea level is good for preventing lung cancer.

Everybody should spend some time in the mountains, because the air is tinner and the lungs spread more and work in a different ways.

A huge research regarding this issue was conducted by american scientists.
According to them, there is a decreasing number of people with lung cancer. It decreases on every 1000 metres of altitude.