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Fake Olive Oil is Literally Everywhere! How To Know Whether It Is Fake Or Original Olive Oil?


What are the health benefits that olive oil has?

It is well known that olive oil is a part of the Mediterranean diet and people used
it for tousands of years in their daily diet.

As it is rich in monosaturated fatty acids, it has a lot of healht benefits related to our heart. As a lot of medical experts prove, by having a regular Mediterranean diet plan it can help you in reducing the risk of diabetes type 2, because it has rich amounts of olive oil.

It is known for its benefits for losing weight, maintaining bone health and wellness, as well as improving the function of our brain.

Also, the oilve oil has the ability to minimize the anxiety and soothe irregular bowel movements.
The acidic compound that olive oil consists, named phenolic, gives to it a bitter taste and this is also very beneficial for our heart.

It also has great amounts of monosaturated fatty acids and they have the ability to give less fatty tissue load to the human body.

It is also rich in vitamin E and K and they are great for the skin. Another also good characteristic about it is that it does not contain carbohydrates or protein.

What is extra virgin olive oil?
The name that this oilve has, does not describe the quality of the oil and it does not mean that it is added pure.

The difference is the process of manufacturing. There exist four grades of virgin olive oil. The lowest quality is not good for consumption and it is used in soap making.

The highest grade of olive oil has the additional virgin olive oil. It is better in taste and fragrance, as well as cold pressed.

It is warmed on 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are a lot of olive oil brands on the market that are fake, when it comes to the extra virgin oil. Some researchers at the University of California have made some tests about the brand names in the United States which on their packaging have the tag “extra virgin oil”.

The results were that 70% of the offered extra virgin oli on the market in the United States were fake. So, this means that you need to be very careful the next time when you see the tag “extra virgin oil”.

But, how will we know if the olive oil is original or fake? The tastes that fake and genuine oil have are very similar, so you will need to find some other way of differing them.

What is fake olive oil?

This kind of oil consist a part of a pure olive oil and a part of sunflower oil. It can be as well a mixture of different other oils, from a lot of countries around the world.
It can be a combo of soybean and some sunflower oil – non-Italian oil.

Also, some olive oil which contains some additives of chlorophyll and beta carotene, can be identified as an extra virgin oil as well. So, be careful when you check the tags of an extra and pure virgin.

Maybe there are a lot of commercials that claim that the olive oil they sell is the healthiest, but actually the truth is that the olive oil is fake.

There was a recent research and according to it, a lot of brands sell fake olive oils, and they are: Filippo Berio, Mezzetta, Bertolli, Mazzola, Whole meals, Colavita, Newman’s own and Star.

How to recognize if the oil is fake?

The first thing you need to do, when you buy and extra virgin oil is to cool it. If the olive oil strengthens it means that it has more mono-saturated fats in it, but still it can contain other oils including canola or sunflower oil. And when it will not strengthen at all, than it is not an extra virgin oil.

The extra virgin oil is expected to keep the oil lamp flammable, which is another test about the originality of the oil. So, if it doesn’t light the lamp for a long time, than it is not an extra virgin oil.

However, the truth about this oil cannot be found by using these methods, so we
recommend you to buy olive oil from neighborhood farmers. In comparison with the other olis from the other countries, the best option for you will be the oil from

Italy as it is considered to be standard.

Look for certification

It is of a great importance to look for a 3rd party qualification on the packaging, when buying an extra virgin oil in the supermarket.

The Australian Olive Association and The California Olive Oil Council make their seals trustworthy. Also, when you are buying olive oil which is made in Italy, you should search for PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) or PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) seals.

Here are again the brand names that sell fake olive oils:
– Pompeian;
– Bertolli;
– Carapelli;
– Foods;
– Colavita;
– Star;
– Berio;
– Mazzola;
– Newman’s Own;
– Mezzetta;
– Safeway;
– Whole foods.

You should buy extra virgin olive oil from these brands:
– Lucini;
– California Olive Ranch;
– Lucero (Ascolano);
– McEvoy Ranch Organic;
– Kirkland Organic;
– Cobram Estate.