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Fake Honey Is EVERYWHERE, Discover How To Know The Difference With This Simple Trick


Honey is one of the most beneficial and delicious all natural products. However, due to its high price, people usually use the cheapest one they can find in the supermarket which is not pure honey and has gone through numerous alterations to lower its price.

A research by the Food Safety News discovered that up to 76% of all types of honey available in the markets have been processed and ultra filtrated. This filtration process helps remove wax traces but it also removes the pollen, which is very beneficial and important for us.
There are few known brands and places where you can find honey that lacks pollen: Some types of honey sold at Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacy do not contain pollen, some packages of KFC and McDonald honey do not contain pollen, Honey Winnie the Pooh does not have pollen and also 77% of honey sold at Costco, Target and Sam’s Club do not have pollen.
Except not having pollen, there are other types of honey that have been combined with glucose or other type of sugar and additives.
Because of the fact that adulterated honey is often sold in the supermarkets you should learn how to recognize it and avoid it.
If the honey does not crystallize over time there is a high chance it has been adulterated because the pure honey will crystallize if you keep it in the fridge.
Other thing you can do to avoid adulterated honey is to always read the label on the honey carefully before purchasing it to see if it contains glucose or high fructose corn syrup, if it does it has been adulterated.
Another trick you can do is to add a few iodine drops into a glass of water and add some honey afterwards, if the honey turns blue it indicates that it has been combined with corn starch.
To see if the honey has been adulterated with plaster, add a couple of vinegar in a mixture of water with honey. If you see foam it has been adulterated with plaster.
You can also burn the honey with phosphorus or a match and if it ignites it is pure honey.
Low quality or fake honey dissolves in water due to the high adulteration, so if you place a spoon of honey into a glass of water and it dissolves, it is fake, if not it is pure honey.

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