The Fake Eyelashes : An Unimaginable Danger

Every person knows that eyelashes are widely used and that are very fashionable. You can purchase them in different pharmacies, shops, beauty shops and so on. What is not known about them is that they can be a latent danger in our eyes.

The concern of specialists increase more and more every day, as this trend advances all around the world and women are not aware of the dangers that they can cause to their eyes.

The Ophthalmologists College in the United Kingdom has in the past warned of the dangers of the frequently wearing false eyelashes and the Japanese Ministry of Health also expressed some great concern about a significant increase in infections which were caused by this fashion.

It is well known that all beauty treatments which are performed in a good way, especially extensions, help in improving the look. But those who do treatments which are not regulated, the results can be from conjunctivitis or inflammation of the eyelids to produce damage to the cornea.

The fake eyelashes can cause some scratches, as well as holes in the cornea, which are actually lesions that need a good time to be healed completely.

The glue that is occupied to install the eyelashes is actually the culprit of these extensions. There are some glues which possess some chemicals, such as formaldehyde, which causes allergic reactions.

Those extensions which are too long can cause a lot of damage, as well as accumulate bacteria and dirt.

The biggest problem will be when you get the habit of putting on those fake eyelashes all the time, as it will cause some damage on your natural ones.

The extensions make the eyelashes look more abundant but in reality, they cause some opposite effect and become even thinner.

The worst thing which can happen is when there is some change in the surface of the eye.

For example, when the extension is not well adhered or the tweezers cause damage to the eye during the procedure, and also an infection can occur which, if aggravated, can even lead to loss of sight.

In Japan, it is strictly forbidden to put on fake eyelashes without having a special license, due to the risks that this treatment has.

There are actually a lot of women in the world who are looking for these cheap treatments and do not bother asking them to show a license, risking the health of their eye, so the next time you buy some fake eyelashes, you should be very careful.


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