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What he Did Every Night Caused Cancer in His Eyes And he Died! Make Sure You Don’t Do This Every Day!


In this article we are going to tell you one story about a 40 years old man, who was diagnosed with cancer in his eye.

There are a lot of scientific studies which indicate that the green light which comes from your mobile screen can cause the death of the retina cells in humans and in that way it affects the vision.

When we use our mobile phone in rooms in which there is no light, the light which comes from the screen shines directly in the eyes, which can later on provoke cancer in the eyes, as well as loss of the vision.

We are talking about one anonymous man of only 40 years, who have visited the doctor when he noticed that he cannot see clearly. The albumen of his eye became red because of serious injuries. He was using his mobile phone in a dark room every single night before he went to sleep for 30 minutes. This caused some serious damages on his eyes and also led to visual shortcomings and signs of eye cancer.

The doctors were not able to do anything in this case, as a replacement of the retina is an extremely difficult process. So, remember to avoid using your phone in the dark before going to bed in order to protect your eyes.

Source: http://justnaturallife.net