Every Finger is Connected with 2 Organs: Japanese Curing Methods (About 5 Minutes)!

Have you ever heard that every finger on your hand can heal two organs of your body?

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a method used in the Japanese healing art. Not only this, but it can also help in balancing your emotions just by pressings a point on your finger which is the stimulant for that emotion.

This is a simple and easily manageable alternative treatment to maintain health and ward of sickness. These noteworthy points on the fingers control the energy flow in the body, and they determine the physical and emotional health of your body.


Choose the finger to the corresponding organ needing treatment. Press it firmly with your other hand for at least 5 minutes. You should also breathe deeply as you press and massage the finger related to the organ. Do the same with your other hand. If you do this for about 5 minutes on each finger, encourages good condition of all your organs.

Let’s look at the organs connected with each finger

1. Middle finger

Organ: Liver and yolky bitter.


Emotional: Frustration, anger, lack of focus and concentration.
Physical: Forehead ache, Migraine, Fatigue, menstrual pain and circulatory issues.

2. Ring finger

Organs: Large intestine and lungs.


Emotional: Pessimism, sadness and fear.
Physical: Skin issues, asthma, digestion problem and respiratory diseases.

3. Thumb

Organs: Spleenwort and stomach.


Emotional: Uneasiness and depression problems.
Physical: Skin issues, stomach ache, nervousness and headache.

4. Forefinger

Organs: Urinary bladder and kidney.


Emotional: Confusion, fear, disappointment.
Physical: Muscle and back pain, tooth ache and digestion issues.

5. Little finger

Organs: Small intestine and heart.


Emotional: Anxiety and self-confidence issues.
Physical: Bone troubles, heart issues and sore throat.

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