Many religions in the world forbid eating pork meat. Maybe you are asking yourself why is that so. Well they consider it as an unclean meat, and they are not wrong about that, because this claim has also been supported by a lot of medical experiments.

Taking regard that the pigs are not just a grass consumers, but they are scavengers and can eat everything from feces to urine it is not weird that the pork meat can be full with toxins, which can very easily enter into our organisms and cause a lot of health problems.

– Negative consequences of consuming pork meat

A microorganism named Yersinia enterocolitica  has been found in seventy percent of the pigs, discovers an experiment made on 200 pigs.

This kind of organism can be the main cause of fever, sickness, vomiting, diarrhea or cramps. Also, the same research has proved that mince meat is even more dangerous than the slices of the meat.

This was not the only thing found in the pork meat, but other contaminants such as  ractopamine, have been also found. Ractopamine is medicine banned in Europe and Chine, because of the fatal consequences that sick people can experience when they consume pork meat. Except infections and medicines, parasites are transferred as well. An interesting thing about parasites is that different types of them cause damages and attack different parts of our body.

Some of them cause fever, myalgia, edema, others lead to appetite loss and tissue contamination, and also there are those who contribute to nausea and weariness. In general, they attack our whole body.

But if you cook the pork meat, the risk of consuming the parasites and bacteria will reduce and you will also save yourself from developing of the whole previous mentioned diseases and conditions.

But you will also need to know how and on which temperature to cook the meat in order to make it clean. It’s recommended to cook ground meat at 71 degrees Celsius, and pork slashes at 62 degrees Celsius.

You should not consider true when your packing of pork meat claims that it is organic. It can still carry Trichinella spiralis.

This parasites can be found in cement and steel grates. What keeps this parasites alive are the anti – microbes which are found in the food that pigs consume.

At very low standards, pigs are fed with anti – infections than with green grass, as well as raised in the worst standards too. Who cleans after the pig has vomited or urinated. We mean no one, alright. Well it seems a little bit disgusting at that point, but it is a pigs’ environment. But no one considers the fact that the particular environment is the further cause of the bacteria and parasites to survive on keeping pigs surrounded by their own toxins as well as breathing lethal gas which later contributes to various diseases, which will transfer to our organism.

But if you love pork meat very much, the most important thing is to cook it well. But if you are not sure about the temperature of cooking it and the way how it should be cooked, without putting the thermometer in the pan, the best thing for you will be avoiding the consumption of pork meat. A lot of other varieties of meat exist in the markets, such as fish, chicken or grass fed beef. There are also a lot of substitutes for meat, such as soya and mushrooms.

Carefully pick the meals you consume in order to not put your organism in danger. It is the key thing that leads to healthier life.

Look the video below in order to see more negative consequences of the pork meat. Consider the dangers it brings before taking your next bite. After watching this video, we hardly believe that you will want to taste another piece of it.