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Doctor’s Warning: Never Clean Your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What


It looks like baby wipes are necessity in this modern era, for every parent. They are extremely handy and useful in many situations. They can be effective for everything, such as for face, cleaning toys, as well as dirty hands.


But, instead of our thoughts that they are very safe, some studies have proven the opposite. So, parents should be very careful when they use baby wipes, as there is a possibility that they are not safe at all.

Some medical experts advice that baby wipes should not be used on our children. When we use them, we expose our kids to some health risks, as well as endangering their skin.

The NBC News, in one special report has stated that baby wipes are not safe for using, because they consists one ingredient, named methylisothiazolinone. Because of these ingredients, there can appear skin irritation, rashes and red scaly skin, in children on whom the baby wipes have been used.

Dr. Mary Wu Chang, a professor at the University of Connecticut – department of dermatology and pediatrics, has made some experiments on children, and the results that he got, have intrigued him.

One girl, around eight years, had some rashes around her buttocks, as well as around her mouth. The location of the rashes, has indicated that they were caused by using baby wipes. Dr. Chang has also consulted with the mother, which has told that she had treated her daughter with baby wipes.


She has also related this event with the little girl, with one previous report in which a Belgian man had a severe chemical and allergic reaction to a chemical preservative called methylisothiazolinone, which was the exact baby wipe reaction as in the little girl.

She made the tests on her own, in order to prove the validity of the allergy, and the test was positive. She recommended the mother to stop using baby wipes for cleaning her daughter, and when she had done that, by the time, the rashes had disappeared.

Dr. Chang has also found another cases with allergic reaction in other kids, in the following few years. She had also recommended to stop using them, and the rashes were gone.

You can find methylisothiazolinone in brands such as: Johnson & Johnson, Cottonelle, and Huggies. So, you will need to replace these chemicals with some other natural solution.

There was also another dermatologist, named Dr. Ellen Frankel, who shares the same opinion with Dr. Chang. She had stated the following:

“I always tell parents do not under any circumstances use diaper wipes. They have a lot of chemicals in there, and can irritate skin that’s already damaged sitting in urine, or feces, or sitting in a diaper that’s just got an inclusive surface on it.”

In order to protect the health of your children, always check for the ingredients which the wipes consist, on the baby wipe box. When you will notice that they contain methylisothiazolinone, you should stop using them immediately, and in that way you will prevent the appearing of unwanted rashes and other skin diseases.

Our recommendation is creating your own DIY wipes, at your own home, with home products. Another option for you, when you want to keep your children clean, is using a cloth with warm water.

You should say NO to the usage of baby wipes, especialy those that contain methylisothiazolinone.

Source: http://www.naturalhealthyways.com