All The Diseases Come Through Your Legs. Here’s How To Do Your Body A Big Favor And Detoxify It From All The Toxins

Right before you go to sleep, place the before prepared magnificent coating on your feet, and let them work over the night.

They are antibacterial, and help in improving the blood circulation. The coating will be also useful for ejecting all the impurities from your body.

The main ingredient of the coating is onion. It goes through your skin and penetrates deeply into your bloodstream, so in that way it purifies the blood.

For preparing this coating, you will need to do the following:

– First cut the onion into tiny slices and wait for a few minutes, until the onion juice does not appear on the slices;

– After that, place the slices on your feet, and wrap them with a transparent foil;

– In the end, put some thick socks. But, in order to warm your feet, if you want to, you can use some wool socks. Also, the foil will help in keeping the coating steady and tightly attached to your feet.
And what you will need to know is that you don’t need to worry if any unpleasant odor will appear, because it won’t.

Also, if you have skin sensitive to onions, you should first apply some greasy cream or almond oil on your feet, and after that place the coating.

The next morning, after you wake up, you should take off your socks and remove the coating. You should wash your feet with cold water, and after that you should put some wool socks, in order to warm them up. In that way, the blood starts circulating very quickly and that’s why this kind of treatment is recommended for people that have poor circulation, as well as diabetes.

This healing method is especially recommended for people with health problems, but it can be also good for those that have perfect health. It is recommended to apply this method when you suffer from flu, pneumonia and fever.


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