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Are You Diabetic? Find Out In Just 1 Minute With The Five Finger Test- Amazing


When your blood sugar level is higher than it should be, it means that you have prediabetes. But it is not still high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes. When there is no intervention, prediabetes is on its way of becoming type 2 diabetes in 10 or less years. If you suffer from prediabetes, you should remember that it can lead to potential harmful condition for your heart, as well as the circulatory system.

Prediabetes symptoms:

– Severe thirst;
– Increased urination;
– Chronic fatigue;
– Fast weight loss;
– Increased appetite;
– Vision problems;
– Sores which heal very slow or don’t heal at all.
There is also some other way of diagnosing prediabetes. Here in this article we are going to show you some steps, which are going to help you in diagnosing this condition, in less than 1 minute, by only using your fingers and by answering some simple questions.
If you are a man, hold up one finger and if you are a woman don’t hold up any fingers. If you are older than forty, hold up one finger, if you are over fifty hold up two fingers, if you are over sixty, hold up three fingers and none in cases you are younger than 40 years. If you think that you are not physically active, hold up one finger, and if you think that you exercise enough don’t hold any finger. Hold up one finger in case someone in your family is dealing with diabetes and don’t hold any fingers in case any of them has such problems now or in the past. Hold up one finger if you are dealing with hypertension and none if your blood pressure is stable and normal. In case you are obese, hold up one finger. In case you are overweight, hold up two fingers. In case you are just a little bit overweight, hold up one finger and in case you have a normal body weight, don’t hold any finger. When you are holding all of your fingers, than there is a chance that you have prediabetes. This type of diagnosis makes use of the factors that most researchers believe are linked to an increased risk in diabetes. Even if this does not necessarily mean, according to a lot of experts, it is a good way to assess. When you finish this test, you should see how many fingers you are holding up. When there are five or more fingers, then you are dealing with pre diabetes probably. The self-diagnosis we are promoting here is linked to the factors that contribute to the development of diabetes. If the chances that you are pre-diabetic exist, you should take a blood test to determine how much risk you have of developing diabetes. If it turns out that you have a bigger risk, try to make some changes in your lifestyle, which are going to help you in lowering your blood pressure levels, and it will also reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Although it is not exactly precise, many experts consider this as a great way for measuring the risk of diabetes.

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