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Diabetes: The Rice You Eat Is Worse Than Sugary Drinks


The latest discovery of scientists is that there is a new threat to people with diabetes – namely the white rice. According to their research the with rice can do you even more damage than the sugary drinks.

The sugary drinks and obesity are considered to be the major cause of diabetes. So, physicians advise to reduce the usage of sugary drinks and to be on a healthy diet. Nevertheless, Asians are more predisposed to diabetes than Caucasians, so obesity may not be the main diabetes factor as it was previously thought.

Now it is discovered that starchy white rice can overload our bodies with blood sugar and heighten the risk of diabetes.

Four major studies were conducted on this topic and the meta-analysis of the four came up with several revelations.

Just to compare, Asians eat 4 portions of cooked white rice a day on average, while Americans and Australians have around 5 servings a week. And overall, eating just one plate of white rice on a daily basis raised the risk of developing diabetes by 11%. So that is why Asians are one of the people who suffer from diabetes the most. What exactly happens is that the rise in sugar levels causes production of more insulin in the pancreas, and frequent spikes might lead to diabetes.

Nevertheless, scientists are asking people to stop eating rice altogether, because rice has other health benefits after all. The solution will be switching to healthier varieties of rice. When it comes to white rice, long grain white rice is better than short grain (when blood sugar is considered).

Moreover, you can try adding around 20% of brown rice in your white rice. That will reduce the risk of diabetes by about 16%. Or even better, try switching to brown rice altogether.

Diabetes expert Dr. Stanley Liewrecommended eating less rice and he added that junk food and sodas are just as bad for our health and therefore should be discouraged.Diabetes can further cause kidney diseases, blindness and amputations.


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