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Perfume: The Dangerous Mistake You’re Making With It


It’s just not what you believe it is.

You finally find the perfect perfume for you, the fragrance that resemble your character so well, and you can leave your home without wearing it.

But unfortunately, the poison comes in a small bottle, and you should avoid wearing it in anytime, anywhere, especially when that is in an indoor space with several other people in the room. Why is that so?!


Why is it bad?

According to a study published on the official webpage of PubMed, it is estimated that 30% of Americans are suffering from sensitivity to scented products, so spritzing your perfume everywhere is not the wisest idea. Thus, people at work, on a bus, plane, or on any other public transportation are subjected to it. Dr. Joel Schlessinger, dermatological surgeon and Real Self contributor says that “Researchers aren’t entirely sure what causes people to have a negative reaction to fragrance, but it could be down to physiological makeup”. He also explains that some people can smell things at a lower level than others due to the inner workings of their noses. And it is considered that an artificial fragrance consists of more than two hundred chemicals, so it is sometimes really hard for people to determine which is the scent that they are allergic to.

Moreover, Dr. Schlessinger has some bad news for all of you who thought that this is just a matter of taste: “Being around perfume or cologne can actually be dangerous for those who are allergic.” The most common symptoms are the following: headaches, sneezing, watery eyes, asthma attacks, and hard breathing. These reactions are not typical for people who are wearing the perfume only (if they are allergic to some of its components), but they can be as severe to allergic people who are in presence of those components.

How can you minimize the effects?

First, the best thing to do is to avoid heavy perfumes. He says that some of the patients that he has had are so allergic to perfumes and scented fragrances that they must avoid public spaces, or otherwise run the risk of being hospitalized. He adds that you should spray just a little of the perfume in the air and then walk through it to avoid applying too much and not to add more of it throughout the day, especially not when there are other people around you. Another option is to skip the perfume completely, and go for an alternative of using scented body wash.

What if you’re the allergic?

If you are the one who is allergic to some of your co-workers perfume talk to them. It is advised to make the problem around you not around the other person. Saying that person that you are allergic or sensitive to his/her perfume will help you out. If not, address the human resources office for further assistance.


To sum up, be kind and avoid using strong scented perfumes in the workplace and public transport if you want to be loved by your colleagues and people in general.

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