One of the most used painkillers in the world is aspirin. You can find it in any home, because it is very effective for general aches and pains as well as for relieving light fevers.

Some researches show that it can be very powerful against risk of heart attack and blood clotting in heart patients.

Willow tree bark was the first painkiller used for making aspirin through the history.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended aspirin to his patients who had headaches.

The active ingredient in aspirin, salicylic acid, was isolated for the first time by Felix Hoffman, while he was working as a chemist at Bayer.

Nowadays, the annual consumption of aspirin has reached 40 000 tons around the world.  That’s why aspirin is considered as the most used medication in the whole world.

Except used as painkiller, aspirin has another uses too.

In the following few lines we will show you some of them:

1.Fighting dandruff

Salicylic acid in aspirin has wonderful effects against dandruff.  All you need to do is to crush 2 -3 aspirins and mix them with your shampoo. When you put the shampoo, wait for a few minutes more before you wash it.

2.Clearing skin

The active ingredient, salicylic acid is also good for the health of our skin. It removes dead skin and sebum and in that way it unblocks pores and decreases swelling and redness.

It can be also used for acne and psoriasis. All you need to do is to crush 5 aspirins, mix them with a quarter cup of water and a teaspoon of honey, in order to make a paste. Put the mixture on the affected place of your skin and let it stay for 10 minutes. You can do the treatment every day or week, according to how often you need.

3.Removing sweat stains

When it comes to removing the unappealing and common sweat stains, aspirin can make miracles. Make a paste as it is shown in number 2 above, but without honey. You should leave it for few minutes before washing your clothes.

4.Jump – start your car

If your car battery has died, try putting few aspirins ( usually two per cell) in it. What will happen is reaction between the salicylic and sulfuric acid and you will get enough charge till you get to the nearest service station.

You should use this trick when you really need it, because if you use it too often, it can be bad for your health because of the byproducts that the reaction releases.

5.Protecting your flowers

It is a similar effect as on your skin.

The salicylic acid protects your flowers from mold formation and the production of ethylene gas, which withers them.

All you need to do is to crush an aspirin into the vase where you keep your flowers and they will stay fresh for a bit longer.


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