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He Cracks Eggs Into An Old Ice Cube Tray, You Should See This Brilliant Kitchen Hack


Putting things in a freezer is a great way to extend their life. They can last much longer. Milk can last up to two months and fresh poultry like chicken and turkey can last up to one year.

Some of the foods should be prepared before we put them in a freezer. Bagged shredded cheese can be easily stored in the freezer, but solid blocks need to be shredded first. If we not do that, it will crumble and will become useless when it is thawed. Salted butter can last up to six months in a freezer and it should be kept away from foods with strong smells, in order to prevent the flavors and smells from transferring.

Greek yogurt, unless the usual one, can be kept in the freezer for a long time, because it freeze well. After it is thawed, it needs to be stirred.  You can also eat it frozen, and it won’t lose its flavour and smell. You can also use another trick, putting it into ice – cube tray and freeze it, and it will be very useful in making smoothies.

If you put cream cheese in a freezer, it will lose its texture and smell. Because of that, freeze it only when it is going to be used in a dip or some other recipe.

You can also freeze eggs in a ice cube tray, so it will be easy to transfer them into freezer bag and store them. They are great for baking.

It is a great way for keeping perishable items handily, if you store them in a freezer.

You will never  have the lack of baking ingredients if your freezer is always full with them.