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Computer Eye Strain: Save Your Eyes


Sitting in front of your computer long hours can really damage your eyes. And eye damages are hard to cure. That is why you should be very careful when it comes to eye health and prevent eye damage to happen.

However that can be very hard in the digital era we are living in. According to studies 50 to 90% of computer workers suffer from eye strain.


Eye strain is in fact eye fatigue. The most common symptoms of eye strain are burning, tired and itching eyes. It may also result in severe headaches and blurred eyesight.

  1. Proper lighting

Excessively bright light usually cause eye strain. So, when you use a computer in an office, the lighting in the office should be half as bright as the lighting found in an office usually. What you should do is eliminate exterior light and lower the interior lighting. It will also help if you position your computer so that the light is coming from the sides, not from in front or from behind.

  1. Adjust display settings

Adjust the display settings of your computer. That can really reduce eye fatigue.

The brightness of the display should be about the same as the brightness of the surrounding. You can use this web page as a test. Look at the white background of this web page and then look at a white wall or a white object in the room. They should be similar in nuance.

When reading a long text on a display, that should be a black text on a white background. It is least tiring for your eyes.Untitled

  1. Frequent breaks

Take a lot of breaks during working on a computer. At least every 40 minutes, stand up and move your neck and head.

An extra tip: Having a bottle of water near will help. Drink water frequently. It will clean your body and it will make you go to the toilet frequently. Thus, you will have to make a break from your screen.

  1. Blink more often

According to study, when sitting in front of a computer, people blink just one-third as often as they usually do.

And blinking is very important because it moistens the eyes. Otherwise the eyes become dry and irritated. Then, the annoying itching sensation follows. So you should try to blink more often and if you feel itching and irritation visit the nearest pharmacy and buy artificial tears. You can also use chamomile tea to clean your eyes on a daily basis. It has calming effects and it will clean your eyes. The chamomile tea has similar effects as artificial tears.

You can also try the following exercise to rewet your eyes. Every twenty minutes blink ten times very slowly.The-20-20-20-Rule

  1. 20/20/20 eye rule

To reduce eye strain practice the famous 20/20/20 eye rule. It is recommended by eye doctors and it will help you avoid eye strain caused by focusing you eyes to the screen.

The rule is: Every 20 minutes look at an object which is at least 20 ft away for 20 seconds.

That will help you relax then focusing muscle and reduce eye strain and fatigue.


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