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The Color of Menstrual Blood Reveals all Dangerous Changes in the Body!


Every women experiences differently the menstrual cycle. In some of them, there will be some abnormal cramps together with stomach harassment and headaches and in others, there will only be abnormal cramps and so on. The color of the menstrual blood is usually red and pink sometimes, but some women during their period have black or brownish and they feel worried. As we already mentioned, the cycle is different for every women.

All this means that some women will have darker and some brighter color of the blood, some of them will also experience bleeding which is outside the cycle. You must know that each color of the blood indicates something, and by that, you will know when is the right time to visit your gynecologist.

1. Bright color

Having bright color of the blood during your period is nothing you should be worried about. There are a lot of factors that can be the reason for that, such as having a busy day, so the blood is running fast out of the body and there is not time for it to darken. But if this lasts for longer period, more than a week, and if the blood does not fade and it becomes pinkish, you should start worrying about it.

2. Brown – black color

This color of the blood can be usually noticed early in the morning and the reason for that is because the blood has been in the uterus for a longer period. This maybe sounds like something that should really worry you, but it actually the opposite, as in most of the cases this is normal as the blood remained for longer period in the womb. But, when the blood starts becoming yellowish, this may be a sign of infection, and that is the right time of doing something.

3. Dark red color

This type of color is also nothing that should be worrying you. Having red colors of the blood is something normal actually. But, when the bleeding lasts more than usual and the color does not fade, you should start worrying. That can be sign of spontaneous miscarriage or in some cases even tumor.

4. Orange – red color

Having this color of the blood during period is a sign that you should immediately visit your gynecologist.

This usually comes with odor and after noticing it you should visit the doctor, as it may be a sign of some infection.

5. Pink color

This is the normal color of the blood during the menstrual period. It can also be a sign of early pregnancy, hormonal disorder or diseases of the reproductive organs if it occurs earlier. So, if this happens to you, you should visit the gynecologist for sure.

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