There are a lot of secrets behind Angelina Jolie’s terrifying thinness, which were said by her husband Brad Pitt and which delighted and touched a lot of people right in their hearts.

He stated that his wife is very ill and that she is very nervous at work and even though at home with their children.

Also he said that she had lost a lot of pounds because of her crying. She also suffered from headaches, heart, lungs and spine pain. Pitt says that their marriage collapsed because of her tiredness and barely sleep.

There was only left a dull shadow from her beauty, he says, and she simply has stopped taking care of herself. He also says that he thought that her state will be the reason for their separation, but right before he was about to give up, he got the straight to fight together with her, to try to make the things right, because beside him hi still had the most beautiful woman in the world.

He also stated that he is the happiest man in the world for having and sleeping besides the woman that once was the idol of beauty in the whole world. He started giving her flowers, so she could feel beautiful and loved all the time, also she was giving her kisses and nice compliments every day. He says that he lived and he still lives for her.

He also says that the talk in public about her state really worked and that Angelina blossomed and loved him more then ever. From all that he realized that every woman is a reflection of every man.


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