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Beware, China Is Making Rice From Plastic – Here’s How To Spot It


We need to be very careful of what we eat, as the food we consume can have a great impact on our overall health.

Because of that, we should make healthier food choices, avoid foods that are rich in chemicals, as well as too much sugar, cholesterol, or fat.

Also, there is another threat coming, as apparently, the news trend in China is plastic rice.

It is a fake rice that is made of potatoes, sweet potatoes and synthetic resin, or plastic. When all this ingredients are mixed, grains similar to rice are formed.

Because of this similarity, you need to know how you can recognize it, so here are some tips which will help you in that:

1. When you cook this fake rice, it will form a thick layer on the top of the water;

2. The real rice will sink in a glass of water, while the fake one will float;

3. It will burn like a plastic, and while burning it will emit a plastic aroma;

4. The fake rice does not form mold, so if the cooker rice molds when put on the counter for a few days, it is real one.

In the video below, you can also have the opportunity to see the results of these tests in action:

Source: http://improveyourhealthrightnow.com/beware-china-making-rice-plastic-heres-spot/

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