The Best Marriage Tips You Will Ever Hear Are Coming From A Divorced Woman

Unfortunately, marriage can sometimes end up with divorce, after several years of spending some time together with your partner.

But, no matter what had happened, you can always learn something new, some lesson from a marriage. Men and women both have some responsibilities in their marriage. Here, we are going to present you some tips for women which can help them keep their husbands.

– You should always remember what you like in your partner. You should not dwell on his bad habits and flaws as well. You should remember the good and positive things about your man.

– You should have intercourse. One stable marriage needs intimacy between the partners. You should try to have as much as intercourse as possible. Even some older women recommend these tips. Even when you don’t feel like it, you should make love, as making love may work as a balm. It will actually heal and cover a lot of the wounds that you two inflict on each other in the marriage. When you feel that there is a distance between you two, it is a sign that it is time to be intimate. It will bring you closer to each other again.

– It is always a good idea to seek for advice from some wiser and older women who have successful marriages. When you become emotional, you cannot make good decisions. You should try calming down, and seek for advice. It is always better to be advised by some older women with long – lasting and successful marriages than from your friends.

– You should allow your husband to zone out. Men always need a moment to rest their brain. It does not mean that he is ignoring you, but he is just brain – freezed.

– Your task in the marriage is not to change or fix him. Very often, women try to change their husbands. That is not the task of a marriage.

– You should remember to tell him that he is manly, big, smart and strong all the time. Men love when they are complemented.

– Don’t take for granted, or forget that he chose you as his wife.

– You should laugh at each other’s jokes. You should always laugh at his jokes, even when some of them are not funny.

– You are responsible for your own reactions. No one else is. Every person must take full responsibility for his/her own emotions, reactions and responses. Men should also do the same thing.

– Prepare him the meal or sandwich when he asks you to.

– Allow your husband to just be. In one marriage, you should be giving and gentle when that thing is required from you.

– You should also not be annoying and spoilt when he comes back from work. You should allow him to get some rest when he returns home from work.

– Love him in the way he wants and deserves to be loved. Always remember to love your husband in the way he needs to be loved, not in the way you believe should be. Every person has different love language. You should show your love in the way he wants and understands, and remember to be sensitive.

– You should stay pretty as well. Men love when their women look pretty and feminine. This makes them feel manlier.

– Be there when he needs you. Dedicate your attention and time to him when he really needs it. If you are there for him in those moments, he will be there for you too when you need him, as well as his support the most.

– You should not speak about other men. You should not speak about another men even if they are fictional or movie character. You should also not even say that he is hotter than that guy. Men already believe that they are actually better than other man, so any comparison may confuse them.

– You should be a gentle creature, and show him that he is needed. Allow your husband to be needed as a man.

– Don’t trust some advices given by strangers, as they are not part of your marriage. They can give you some advice, but however, that advice may not be appropriate or applicable in your marriage problem.

– You should give each other space, as both men and women change constantly. We have to learn to accept our new selves, before we give ourselves to others.

– When a woman follows these tips, it does not mean that the man should not try to be the best marriage partner.

– You should also show your emotions, feelings and tears. Men notice when women are keeping secrets and are hiding their emotions. You should be vulnerable, share your feelings and accept your mistakes. Also, apologize.

– Allow your man to love you in the way he knows. If you follow your own ideas, you may miss out the beautiful ways in which he shows his love for you.

– Build trust between you two by being transparent.

– You should not put him down in public. You should have his back in public and discuss your problems in private.

– You should also have some common dreams, goals and hobbies. Find an interest that you both share and fall in love in each other over and over again.

– We cannot reconnect as we create a version of our spouse to hide our own weaknesses. You cannot reconnect your own husband because you have created an image of him in your head that is not him actually.

– Some financial problems should not stand between you two.

– Your pasts made you. You should accept it and talk about it, instead of arguing about it over and over again.

– Learn to forgive each other. Human beings make mistakes constantly.

– Just one simple touch has an immense power. A touch can sometimes say a lot more than words.

– Love should be your choice. Always love each other and remember that love is not an emotion, it is an action.


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