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Bad Breath? Remove This and Solve the Problem!


Are you one of those people who suffer from bad breath no matter how many different fresheners you have used to solve the issue? Sometimes, there is no way that odor to be solved, no matter how hard you try.

Realizing that the toothpaste won’t help, just worsens the situation. It always makes you think about the problem, and why that happens to you, and it always leads to conclusions that something is wrong with your health.

And you are not far from the truth, but the problem is not in your stomach – it is closer to your mouth than you thought.

So, what is the reason?

For most of the times the reason are stones on the tonsils.

These look like little dots that you can see on the tonsils and can make your breath smell really awful. They are releasing a gas that has a nasty smell. It smells similar to Sulphur.

What they are in fact is just a lump of mucus, bacteria and stored food that collects in the back of the throat.

After the cluster hardens you will definitely have a problem with your breath. What is more, it can also cause you problems during eating and swallowing the food (swallowing becomes a painful process).

These stones can sometimes just “fall off” but often the problem needs to be solved through a surgical procedure.

The good thing is that there is a third solution, and that is to remove the “enemy” from the mouth yourself.

Check this video out to see how exactly is the procedure going:


Source healthadvisorgroup.com