The Amazing Ways The Function Keys F1 To F12 Can Save You A Ton Of Time

You can raise your hand but only if you know everything about what those F – keys at the top of your keyboard do?

While we suspect that some savvy readers are waving their arms in the air like the smart kid in class, we also suspect that far more of you know what only one or two (if any) of the functions of the function keys.

If you only use these keys when your computer starts acting up, and you just start pressing every key in order to (hopefully) fix the problem, you actually have been missing out on some major time-saving tricks.

NOTE: Computer Hope notes that the function keys on every computer may have some additional uses when you hit the FN (function) key plus the selected F-key. You should also make sure you check your computer manual in order to see if your model offers any alternate functions.

– F1

Do you need some help? According to Tech Worm, the primary function of this key is to open up the support menu for any program that you are in. You can also press this key and the Windows button for Microsoft Help and Support.

F1 will also allow you to enter CMOS setup. On some computers, this key also acts like the mute button for volume.

– F2

According to Bright Side, this key will let you rename a file or folder on your computer. It will save a few seconds over hitting the right button on your mouse 15 times to get the box to actually highlight. This is another key which can also act as the volume button.

You can press Alt+Ctrl+F2, in order to open a document in Microsoft word.

Ctrl+F2 will open print preview.

– F3

You can use this key in order to open a search window in a specific program, such as Word.

Realize you need to capitalize a bunch of words in your document? You just need to highlight the word and press Shift+F3 in order to capitalize the beginning letter of a word.

You can also press the Windows Key+F3 in order to open an advanced find window in Outlook.
In Apple, this key will open Mission Control.

– F4

Whether you have opened accidentally a site which you don’t want to see, or you’re playing around on Facebook at work, Alt+F4 or Ctrl +F4 could save your butt, as it will automatically close current windows.

You just need to press this key while on the internet, in order to open the address bar without touching your mouse.

In Microsoft word, this button will repeat the last action that you did.

– F5

When your internet is lagging, you just need to use this key for help. While your browser is open, you just press the F5 key in order to refresh the page you are on.

In order to refresh your browser completely, press CTRL+F5. You can also use this key in order to open the find/replace button in Word or start a new slideshow in PowerPoint.

– F6

When you are typing and you want to save a few seconds, press this key in order to move your cursor to the website browser of choice.

You can also combine CTRL+Shift+F6 in order to open a new word document. On some laptops, this key may act as volume button or it may also turn the mouse pad on or off.

– F7

When you are b busy typing away on a document in Word, you just need to click this key in order to run a spell/grammar check. Combine Shift+F7 in order to open a thesaurus on a highlighted word.

If you use Firefox, this key will turn on Caret browsing.

– F8

This key will open the Windows Safe Mode (great if you think you have a virus). Also, if you have an installation CD, you can use this key to run a recovery on your computer.

On a Mac, this key shows thumbnails for all open workspaces.

– F9

This key will send an email in Outlook, open a measurement toolbar in Quark 5.0 and reduce screen brightness on some laptops.

On OS 10.3, this key is used for showing thumbnail images of workspaces.

You can also click Fn+ F9 to open Mission Control on Mac OS X.

– F10

In order to open the menu bar of an application or on Windows 10, you can use the F10 key. It can also open the option to send your project display to another screen (like the TV or another computer).

If you press Shift+F10, it will be the same as right clicking on an icon or internet link.

In IOS, this key will show all the opened windows.

– F11

You can press this key to get into and out of full screen mode on your internet browser. In IOS, this key has the ability to hide all open windows.

You can also use it in Excel by pressing Shift+F11 in order to add a new sheet to your document.

– F12

When you work on some document and you don’t want to stop, you can press this key in order to open the “save as” window in Word.

You can also press CTRL+F12 to open a document while in Microsoft Word.

SHIFT+F12 will save the document (as does CTRL +S).

CTRL+SHIFT+F12 will print a document

In IOS 10.4 or later, this key shows and hides your dashboard. At startup, you can hit this button in order to decide which bootable device to use.

If you have some friend who spends a lot of time working at the computer, do not forget sharing these tips with them, so they can shave off a few minutes during their work day.


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