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AMAZING : Your Little Finger Reveals What a Person You Are !


It may seem strange and unbelievable, but your little finger can reveal some of your characteristics. It tells a lot about your character. There are a lot of methods for this purpose, and this one, that we will present you comes from South Korea. It tells a lot about our character, just by using the little finger.

One of that factors that reveals our characteristics is its length and other is its shape. In the lines below, you can see some interpretation and decide if you will believe or not.

1.Short finger


This kind if finger is that which cannot reach the first knuckle of the ring finger. If you have short little finger, you are considered as shy and reserved, particularly to less familiar people. They are often afraid to follow and realize their dreams, even though they have big ones. If they dare, they can achieve everything. According to other people, they are attentive and friendly and also have a big heart.

2.Normal finger

Normal little finger is the one that reaches right to the joint of the ring finger. If you have this kind of finger, you are a balanced and mature person. Sometimes they can be easily disrupt and they can be rarely disturbed. That is one of the reasons why they are considered as cold and distant by other people or they just need to know the warmth and richness of inner life.

3.Long finger


This kind of finger has length which reaches the first joint of the ring finger. If you have this kind of finger, you are enthusiastic, passionate, charming, and charismatic person. They often want attention, and people are happy to be around them. They are also very talented people, but they need to work hard to prove themselves.

4.Same as ring

It is kind of little finger where the tip of it is almost equated with the tip of the ring finger. People that have this kind of finger are ambitious, free – power-hungry, have a good chance to become politicians, directors, or  celebrities and influential personalities. They have a lot of potential, but also can create large problems.

Except everything, they can be of great benefit for the whole society.

5.Low positioned

The root of the little finger is set much lower than the root of the other fingers. This people live in a dream world. They are very ambitious and have a lot of plans, but above all they prefer to dream then to realize their ideas.


6.Square shape

When the first joint of your little finger reminiscent of a rectangle and its tip is flat, it means that you have a boxy little finger.

This kind of people have some rare trades and qualities. They are very honest,and that is their biggest strength or maybe weakness.

It is hard for them to become friends with people because are sensitive and offensive, but they often refuse people with their sincerity. Above all, if you gain their trust once, you will never lose it. They are great leaders.


This people have pointy tip of their finger. They are well known for their excellent  and phenomenal public performances. They are also very good writers, diplomats and they find it very easy learning foreign languages. They are able to resolve a very delicate situation with a lot of tact.


You have a place in this group if the top of your little finger is bent towards the other toes. Some of the characteristics of people with this kind of little finger are fear of confrontation, but not so much because it is so much fear, but because they are great pacifists and do not like conflict.

Also they are the piece makers and have the ability to combine separate words