8 Very Clear Signs That A Woman Need To Have Intimacy…! I Would Not Believe # 4

Men are not the only beings that have the need of sex, but this need also lives in women, as they are sexed beings who need close contact and exciting caresses.

How does the lack of sex affect the women? Beyond the lack of enjoyment, that means that the lack of sex also carries some consequences in the organism and daily life. Read this article on, and discover the 8 signs showing that a woman needs sex.

1. She has low self – esteem

Although it does not seem, the lack of sex can affect woman’s self – esteem and that can make her feel unsatisfied with her own. Have you ever imagined that lack of sex can do all this to your body? Sex is actually very healthy for the woman’s life and it generates a lot of benefits.

2. She becomes more forgetful

Sex oxygenates the blood, which then goes to the brain, which improves our memory and acquiring new knowledge. This is the reason why a woman who has not had sex for a while usually becomes forgetful and forgets everything.

3. She feels constantly sick

When there is a lack of intimacy, it affects a number of antiviral antibodies by 30% and that causes the woman to be permanently ill.

4. She takes more painkillers

When there is a lack of sex, there is also lack of oxytocin and estrogen and that makes women to consume more painkillers. The cause of this is completely natural: these hormones inhibit pain.

5. She is less sociable

One woman, who has not had relationships for some time, becomes more reluctant to relationships with some other people. This is because of the lack of endorphins, which affects your perception of the world.

6. She has more acne and flaccidity

The progesterone which is produced during having sex eliminates the acne on the face. In addition, with the sexual act, breasts and thighs are strengthened, leaving aside the flaccidity of these and other parts of the body, because of exercise.

7. She looks older

After a long time without sexual contact, a woman may lose her youthful countenance. This can happen because of the lack of collagen which occurs during the intercourse, which makes the skin smoother and silky.

8. She has lack of sleep

The lack of sex also influences the lack of sleep. The sexual activity is actually a natural sedative because of the oxytocin, which is a hormone that is secreted during female orgasm. A woman without sex can spin around on the bed to sleep for a long time.

Source: http://healthyhouseideas.com

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