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7 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar


In the world, there are a lot of people which can’t imagine their life without the sweet taste of the sugar. But, that could not be said for everyone of us, because the sugar, especially in high amounts, can be extremely dangerous and bad for our health.

When people read articles about the ways sugar can affect our health, they won’t be looking at it in the same way – although they will still adore its delicious taste.

The following 7 indicators will help people to find out if the amount of sugar in their body has gone overboard, and can also make them realize if it’s time to take better control of it:

1. Lack of Energy and Feeling Exhausted

It’s a well known fact that foods which are high in sugar, provide more energy, but there are cases when the human body doesn’t have the energy that is needed to do the necessary tasks throughout the day. When people experience this, they might want to check on the amount of sugar they take, or if not, it could be dangerous for their health.

2. Sugar/Carb Cravings

One of the indicators that can show if someone has become a sugar addict are the regular carb cravings. The intake of sugar can create a chain reaction of sugar cravings, because sugar is very addictive.

This is very important because if someone feels and experiences these cravings, it should react immediately and take control over it.

3.Frequent Colds and Flu

Sometimes, frequent consumption of sugar can lead to a weakening of the immune system, so the human body can’t be able to fight off flu, viruses, colds, bacteria, and even chronic diseases. By cutting the consumption of sugar foods from the diet it can restore the immune system balance.

4.Brain Fog, After a Meal

Brain Fog is a condition that happens after a high sugar intake, and because of that, people can easily lost their inspiration and happiness, and instead of that, they will be more anxious and fall into depression. Brain fog occurs after consuming a lot of sugary foods, and that especially occurs after meal. The sugar increases rapidly, and then drops the blood sugar levels.

5. Sugar Taste – Not The Same As It Was Before

A lot of researches show that the increased sugar intake can affect the taste buds, so, by the time, their reception of sugar will change. It means that the human organism will need more and more sugar every day so it could satisfy the cravings.

But, there is a solution for such problems. One of them is to reduce the sugar intake and suffer for a short period , so the human body becomes used to less sugar.

As the time goes, the human body might start feeling that certain things are more good and tasty, so it can be satisfied with very small amount of sugar.

6. Skin and Feet Problems, Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Too much consumption of sugar can also affect our skin, so a lot of skin issues can appear. It might be the cause of rosacea, acne, eczema, or even it can cause skin dryness or oiliness. High sugar intake can have a lot of negative effects on the adrenaline levels and it can cause a so-called adrenaline fatigue – which is the reason for creating dark circles under the eyes.

One podiatrist in New York City, called Dr. Sherri Greene, gives an explanation about sugar having an inflammatory effect on our feet – which might result in plantar fasciitis. This can be one of the main causes of pain in the thick band of tissue on our soles, or heels.

7. Weight Gain

The reason why sugar can’t keep us fit is because it contains often useless and high amounts of calories. It doesn’t offer any protein or fiber, so that’s why it can’t be able to keep us full. The sugar is responsible for stimulation of the production and mobilization of insulin, which has the task to carry the sugar to the organs where it is used as energy. When there is too much sugar it leads to bigger production of insulin which in the end can create insulin resistance.

It affects the human body in a way that it disables it from reacting properly to normal quantities of insulin and can’t manage the sugar as it should. Insulin resistance is closely associated with obesity so in such situations it is very easy to add weight. Another issue that is also bad for our health is developing diabetes.