65-Year-Old Man Tries To Marry A 12-Year-Old Girl In Times Square. Now Watch How These New Yorkers React.

When talking about child marriage most people see it as something distant, something that happens in other countries and nobody can imagine it happening in Europe or America.

Despite this being the case, some states in America allow children as young as 12 to get legally married.

A YouTube star named Coby Persin staged a social experiment in Times Square, New York to get peoples attention and reaction on this issue.

This video features a 65-year-old groom in his tux holding the hand of his 12-year-old bride as the couple pose for wedding pictures.

At the beginning people seem confused and many of them give the man dirty looks. But soon some of them figure out exactly what is going on.

When the groom doesn’t seem to feel shame, the situation gets tenser.

Finally, a few Good Samaritans come to the girl’s defense and try to take her away to safety.

This video has a powerful message and it shows what happens when injustice occurs in front of our eyes, but the real challenge is how to act when something like this is less obvious.
You can check Persin’s video below

Source: http://healthyhouseideas.com

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