6 Ways to Strengthen Your Aura and Eliminate Emotional Drainage

A lot of people still deny the existence of metaphysical energy. However, that may also be the exact reason that we are experiencing some tremendous emotional trauma and stress.

As we are going throughout time, we are finding out more and more about our Universe. Some researchers have discovered groundbreaking findings about the true essence of life, where we come from, or what we are supposed to do. Simply saying, not believing in metaphysical is only a thing from the past. We actually know that everything is made up of verifying frequencies. We just have yet to figure out where they come from and everything that they can actually do.

Just like our energy can be a positive thing, it can also become negative. There are certain external forces which have a tremendous effect on your overall energy levels. This can even cause our aura to become plagued with negative energy.

Humans are vast metaphysical creatures. We are very in depth and interconnected to the Universe of all things. The cosmos has us everyone here for some reason, and everything truly happens for some reason, even those shitty parts of life. We either gain something, or we learn something.

A lot of people even believe that humans possess psychic abilities. We know that this sounds crazy, but we are extravagant receptors for energy of all kinds. There are some certain things which we deal with in modern day society which block us from our true self. A lot of things can cause our aura to become weak, but there are also some ways to strengthen it. Eliminate the things which we are going to mention you today and you will notice an extremely positive change in your life.

– Negative people

Negative people can bring an immense amount of negative energy, and this may take a serious toll on you. They will also block your from receiving positive energy and vibrations. They are basically a barrier to your abilities. You will create a protective shield around yourself and you cannot explore your abilities within a bubble of self – protection.

– You do not spend enough time with nature

Every human needs to spend some time in nature. But, our society has completely isolated us from the nature, and it is also blocking our cosmic gifts. Some studies have even shown that you are more attentive when you are in nature, and the stress hormone, known as Cortisol will drop significantly.

– You have adapted to stress

You have spent so much time in obsessing over your stress levels that you have adapted to them. You can barely even notice that you are stressed, as you are very used to feeling that way. This will cause an immense energetic block.

– You neglect your health

One other way to block yourself of your physical abilities is by neglecting your own health. You are not active, you non – stop consume junk food, and you just overall do not take enough care for yourself. In order to have a strong intellectual mind, you also need to have strong and healthy body.

– You are not grounded

You will need to remain grounded in your intentions of being a better person and battering the world. You are also not seeking physical abilities in order to wow your friends. You are just trying to tune into the Universe. You cannot become so obsessed with materialistic things.

– You obsess over materialism

If you are constantly showing off the nice things that you have on Instagram, and being envious of the things that you do not have, then your energy will be greatly affected. You start living in an alternate reality of what you think other people think of you. It is personified ego and we call it our profile.

Source: http://awarenessact.com

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