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5 Ways To Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Condom


It is a big shock when pregnancy happens, for those that are not ready. One of the main reasons for that is having intercourse, without using condoms. The condoms don’t have any other use, but they serve for avoiding unwanted pregnancy.

In this article, we are going to present you another 5 cases when you can make love, but not using condoms, and still avoid pregnancy.

1. The safe week

The safe week is between the 8th and the 20th day of women’s cycle. It also means that you can have intercourse on her first day of the period.

2. Withdrawal method (pull and pray method)

This is a method in which the man pulls out the penis from the vagina before his ejaculation, which can lead to pregnancy.

3. Birth control pills

This is one of the safest way of avoiding pregnancy for couples. They help in controling the woman’s fertility and that avoids pregnancy.

4. The effective copper T

This method is committed by a doctor, by implanting a device, which can later be removed, when the couple is planning and ready for having a baby.

5. Sterilization


This kind of method is 100% sure and safe, as it prevents the pregnancy risks, either for man or woman. This is a permanent procedure, and we advice you to not opt for this unless you are not sure to not want biological children of your own in the future.

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