5 Reasons Why Beautiful Women Have No Good Love Life

There can be a lot of reasons why sometimes we are unhappy in our relationships, and for us it could seem small but without realizing it, it could severely damage our relationship. Here, we are going to present you some of those reasons.

1. High expectations

Those women that are very beautiful often have some high expectations from their partners. Not necessarily monetary expectations in the form of gifts and holidays, but in time and attention too.

When a woman that is very beautiful makes a lot of effort in her appearance, and looking good for her partner, she will expect the same from him. And if she does not get that, she will be disappointed.
Well, which is the solution about this problem?

You should speak to your partner seriously about the lack of time you spend together, or the lack of attention you feel he gives to you. And if his physical effort and appearance is the problem, call him up on it. If you speak up, it will at least give him the opportunity to change and even make you both a bit happier.

2. Unworthy partners

Nowadays, there is a trend with mismatched couples. A lot of women that are beautiful feel that they are on an age where they need to be settled with someone and so they pick someone who is not that good for them. All of us have experienced the many different kinds of relationship: casual, on long distance, school sweethearts and long term one.

But then along, comes the special one, the one in which you can actually see yourself marrying. Then it ends. The heartache knocks you for six and then you take an age to get through it. Could you go through it once again? Well, no. So, you will pick someone who will do anything to marry you, so that he is never going to hurt you, leave or cheat you.

Well, which is the solution about this kind of problem?

You should stick it up and don’t settle. One day you will find the person that is best for you and who is going to be better than the previous boyfriends because you fit better together. It is true that getting through heartache hurts a lot, but as the time passes, it will ease, and you will meet that special one by the time.

3. Too much attention

Even though it is nice to receive love and attention from your partner, at times, it just can be too much. Our partner can seem needy, or clingy. This is often seen as something which affects only women, but men can also become clingy and too much. It is often something beautiful women experience that can actually get so bad and it will lead to the end of the relationship.

Well, which is the solution about this kind of problem?

You should have an open discussion with your partner about how it makes you feel. Often, it can be insecurity on their part, which can just need some reassurance from you that all is ok. Perhaps if your partner acquired a new hobby it can detract some of the intense attention away from you, and onto something, which they are passionate about, such as a sport or skill.

4. Emotionally withdrawn

Those women that are beautiful often experience the same pattern of relationship failures, and over time can shut themselves off emotionally from their next partner. Even when they have broken the cycle and are with someone that treats them well, they will remain shut down and disconnected. This can be the reason for the end of a relationship, if the woman is not able to open up. Even though sometimes is hard to trust, you must.

The solution of this problem it’s actually all about breaking the cycle of who you end up dating, and you should stop going for the good looking “hunter” and go for the nice guy. This nice guy will surprise you and encourage you to open up without being afraid of being hurt.

5. Fear or fading

One beautiful woman knows that maybe her beauty won’t last and perhaps eventually her partner will leave her for that. This ongoing fear of being left can cause beautiful women to really feel low in the relationship in which they are currently.

The solution of this problem is to learn to realize that there is more to a woman than her beauty. The woman is more than just a face, and if her partner does not realize that, then the woman should get rid of him. And if he knows than he is a keeper.

Source: https://happylifereport.com

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