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The 5 Kidney Harm Signs You Are Most Possibly To Ignore


Kidneys are very important organs in the body that are responsible for the elimination of toxins. That is why the sooner you diagnose the kidney damage, the more effective will your treatment be.

There are 5 signs that can warn you of kidney damage before more serious problems happen. You should look out for the following 5 signs.

1. Lower Back Pain – Discomfort and pain in the lower back is a common sign of poor kidney health. It may begin on one side of the back but if left untreated, generally it’s going to affect both sides within a brief period of time. In some cases the discomfort will ease, whenever you urinate.

2. Urination Patterns – Changes in urinary function such as an odd or unfamiliar odor, paler or darker look, reduced or increased frequency, foamy urine or painful urinating are also signs of kidney problems. If you notice any of these symptoms or discover blood in your pee, you must consult a professional immediately.

3. If kidneys are not working properly and they are no longer eliminating waste from the body, it may cause edema or swelling. These excessive fluids can accumulate in hands, feet, ankles and face. In extreme severe cases it can develop in the lungs and heart.

4. Skin Problems – dryness, rashes and extreme itching can be also sign for low functioning kidneys.

5. Oxygen Failure – Kidneys are capable of producing erythropoietin which is important for producing oxygen carrying red blood cells. Oxygen plays many major roles in the human body and when it is not properly transported through the various systems they all suffer.

You can improve your kidney health if you:

• Don’t Smoke
• Avoid Cadmium
• Engage in Daily Physical Activity
• Drink Cranberry Juice
• Drink Plenty of Healthy Fluids
• Consume Herbal Teas (Juniper Berries, Horsetail, Goldenrod Blossoms, Burdock Root)

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