5 Exercises in 6 Minutes for Sexy Thighs (Video)

One very important thing for shaping your whole body is toning the thighs area. In today’s article, we are going to offer you a workout for your thighs, where you won’t need any weights and it is also easy for doing. So, let’s go ahead and get started.

1. Criss cross scissors

This is a move which really targets the outer and inner thighs and is called criss – cross – scissors.

– Instructions:

Starting position: the hands should be on your sides and your legs lift up, with the lower back pressed into the mat.

You should move your legs like scissors, opening them as wide as you can. You should repeat these movements for about one minute.

2. Froggers

– Instructions:

Starting position: the starting position is the same as in the first exercise, keeping your heels together and knees over the hips.

Then, you should bring your heels towards your butt and push it back, keeping the knees as wide as possible, in order to work your inner thighs. That completes one rap.

You should push it hard for about one minute.

3. Froggers with heels apart

– Instructions:

Starting position: it is the same as in the normal froggers, with the only difference of keeping your heels wide apart, trying to keep the same distance between your heels the whole time. You should perform this exercise for about one minute.

4. Legs up and down

– Instructions:

Starting position: your legs should be up your toes pointing outwards you’re your hands by the sides.

You should slowly lower your legs down but without touching the mat. While moving up and down, you constantly need to bring your heels together and then spread them apart.

You should perform these moves for about one minute.

5. Windshield wipers

– Instructions:

Starting position: it is like bridge position, on the feet and shoulders, with the pelvis looking towards the ceiling.

Then, bring the heels together and press the left heel out. While flexing the foot, don’t point it and keep the butt lifted off the mat.

You should move your leg out and in, and keep your butt as high as you can and your leg straight and low to the floor.

You should perform this exercise for about one minute on each leg.

Source: http://improveyourhealthrightnow.com

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