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20 Early Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer That Women Should Never Ignore


The second most common type of cancer in men and women (after the prostate in men and breast in women) is lung cancer. They can both suffer from different types of lung cancer, so its signs and symptoms may wary. Because of this, the best and most important thing for you will be to look for symptoms specific for your s*x.

Lung cancer in women

This type of cancer spreads on the outer part of the lungs and it is called adenocarcinoma. What differs this type from the other types of cancer is that its symptoms are less obvious. In many cases, the tumor can become large, and it can spread throughout the body before being detected.

Some of the early symptoms of this type of cancer are:

– Pain in the back and shoulders;
– Shortness of breath while exercising;

And, the following symptoms appear once the cancer grows:

– Increased mucus and change in color;
– Chest, shoulder, and back pain;
– Persistent cough;
– Coughing blood;
– Coughing up phlegm or mucus with blood;
– Harsh sound while breathing;
– Shortness of breath.

This type of cancer in women can be really hard for detecting. It can also spread to some other parts of the body and it may be noticed only when it comes to the most advanced stages. Also, the symptoms can be felt in some other body parts, like bones, liver, lymph nodes, and the adrenal glands. When it is spread in such a manner, it may also cause some other symptoms. So, here they are:

– Headaches;
– Fatigue;
– Loss of muscle mass;
– Appetite loss and unexplained weight loss;
– Blood clots;
– Neck or face swelling;
– Loss of memory;
– Bone fractures that are not caused by accidental injury;
– Joint or bone pain.

Lung cancer in men

The squamous cell carcinomas, which can be developed in men, are known as non-small cell lung cancer. This type of cancer develops in the central parts of the lungs, near the main airway (bronchus), which results in obstruction of air. It leads to symptoms which are obviously related to lung cancer compared to the most commonly experienced by women.

Some of the symptoms of lung cancer in men are:

– Wheezing;
– Repeated lung infections like bronchitis or pneumonia;
– Chronic cough.

Symptoms common of lung cancer in men obstruct the airway more than the condition in women. But, according to some studies, men can also overlook the symptoms, as they have a smoking habits.

So, it is very important not to overlook the warning signs, even though the symptoms of it may be very obvious. It is also highly significant to reduce the risk of lung cancer at all costs, and this also includes smoking, for some addictive smokers.

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