10 Movies Where Actors Really Had S*x

What leaves the viewers wondering whether the actors were really getting it on or not, are the hot and heavy s*x film scenes, which look so believable. So many actors and actresses deny that they would really get it on with a co – star on screen.  But there are also those who admitted that their hot and steamy scenes are truly not a simulated s*x.



It is a film from the 1970s, which is reported to be the first time that recognized in which starred notable actors. It was a movie which featured pornographic scenes. A lot of the s*x scenes were not fake and they included oral s*x and penetration. Except everything, the movie was not received well by critics and public.

2.All about Anna


It is a Danish film by Lars Von Trier, which is described as a movie that is about s*xual relationships. It is quite natural to see various people doing the horizontal mambo. The scenes that really happened were those with intercourse and masturbation. The producers responded to the uproar about the controversy of it, by saying in a statement, “Without the s*x scenes, the film’s drama would fall apart. This was a particular challenge to the film’s cast, who had to cope with the traditional social and human traumas associated with having real s*x in front of a camera.”

3.The Brown Bunny


In this movie, the actress Chloë Sevigny shows pretty much of her fellatio chops when she performs an oral s*x on her co-star, Vincent Gallo, in their s*x scene.



Another movie from the well known Lars Von Trier, which is a producer known for his films which push the envelope by using non simulated s*x scenes. The movie “Nymphomaniac” was no different. Another interesting thing said about the movie is that while actors  were truly engaging in intercourse, they used porn or s*x doubles for the ejaculation shots.

5.Lie with me


The thoughts of the viewers about the s*x scenes in “Lie with me” by the “The L Word” star Lauren Lee Smith and actor Eric Balfour were too realistic and that was true.

6.Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song


In 1971, Melvin Van Peebles didn’t admitted about his s*x scene in his film “Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song.” But after few years he admitted that the s*x scenes really happened, and he admitted because he contracted an STD. Because of that, he was able to receive workers compensation.

7.Pink Flamingos


In John Waters’ movie from 1972  Divine’s character and her son, Crackers, have a s*xual intercourse and the oral s*x that Divine does is real.



It is a French movie which is translated as *f__k me*, so when you watch it be prepared to see exactly that. The s*x scenes aren’t just graphic, but they’re real, and some considered the movie practically a pornography.

9.Little Ashes


In this movie, the main actor Robert Pattinson had a real masturbating scene. He admitted to pleasuring himself because faking it “just doesn’t work.”

10. 9 Songs


This movie is considered to be the movie with the most terrible and worst s*x scene ever, so this must be horrible for the stars Kieran O’Brien and Margo Stilley who didn’t even fake their intercourse.


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