101 Year-Old Mother Cared For Her Disabled Son Aged 63, Mother’s Love Is True Love

Every woman that is a mother and that really wanted to become one will for sure understand the phrase which says that mother’s love has no limits and that it is infinite.

These women are capable of everything in order to see their children happy and well.

For those women, this does not involve e any normal extra effort, as they are simply born to give everything for that being that took nine months in their belly.

There are a lot of stories in which it is exposed as a mother has gone beyond its limits; physical, emotional, economical and so on and has faced what is necessary to take their children and protect them.

But, in today’s article we want to give recognition to Meliah, who is a 101 year – old woman who cared for her son for about more than 63 years, and will wonder what is surprising, since nothing more and less that her son had different abilities.

This woman confesses that it was never a sacrifice or a punishment, because she did it with all the love in the whole world.

Meliah Md Diadh was considered as the most caring woman in the world, because despite being one century old, she remained strong and steadfast, and she also took care of her health in order to have the ability to care for her 63-year-old son named Abdul.

But, the work became heavier when 20 years ago the husband of Meliah died, who said that it was the love of her life and who helped her a lot to take care of their son, but after his death, the whole baton remained for her.

The brothers of Abdul died at young age, so his mother decided not to drop because her son had only her and she had only him.

It was not an easy task for her, because even though he is an adult, she feeds him, bathe him, but she says that it does not matter to her and that she will always take care of him, as he is the only person that she has in the world, and she loves him above everything else.

She wants to enjoy the time she has with him and it was not easy for her because her son Abdul does not speak, walk, or lead a life like any other normal person, he is totally dependent on his mother.

A lot of people questioned this mother about the possibility of not having Abdul if she had known that he was coming with that condition, to which she replied that she could never get past something which have never been a burden to her or a nuisance. She could not regret spending all her time.

Meliah also confesses that some distant relatives, as well as people of the community where she lives helped her, although of course, all spoke very well of this woman and assured that Abdul could not make state in better hands than those of his mother who took care of him with great devotion.

Neighbors also say that Meliah tried to have her son leading a normal life like any other human being leads, probably still losing it because she died at age 101 because of breathing problems.

The relatives who previously helped her to take care of her son Abdul are the same ones who have adopted and continued with the work which was done by this mother, who spend so many years in taking care of her son.

This woman, who was committed for more than six decades with her son, simply deserves to be recognized by all, when love is able to give a mother, don’t you think so?

Never forget to tell your parents how much you actually love them and how thankful you actually are to them for everything which they do for you.

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